BBJ Fitness Corner | Fitness assessment | Sports – Marianas Variety News & Views

BBJ Fitness Corner | Fitness assessment | Sports – Marianas Variety News & Views

AS a National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, Jerry Diaz said he evaluates each of his client’s  health background and fitness levels.

He said for some clients, it  is important to get a medical clearance prior to performing any type of strength and conditioning activity.

As for conducting a fitness assessment, Diaz said it has five components.

First on the list is cardio-aerobic conditioning. Diaz said one must be aware of one’s heart rate and ability to sustain a level of length and speed during  continuous movement such as fitness walking, jogging, running, swimming, biking or dancing.

Second is strength endurance. Diaz said we must gauge our ability to push, pull or carry a specific amount of weight or resistance. We must know our limit to avoid unnecessary injury.

Then there’s flexibility. Before working out, we must warm up our muscles through light movements or dynamic stretching. At the end of our workout, we will then perform static stretches which involve stretches that we hold in place for a period of time without movement. Healthline says this allows your muscles to loosen up, while increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Fourth on Diaz’s list is body composition. This includes waist measurement, body mass index and/ or body fat percentage.

 Fifth is an individual’s before-and-after photo or video. It is not mandatory, but it will help you assess your progress — or lack thereof.

“Many individuals experience frustration due to ‘yo-yo’ results,” Diaz said. “But it is important to embrace a trial-and-error approach to find out what works and what doesn’t for an individual.”

For professional fitness inquiries, contact Jerry Diaz through Instagram at @BBJ_Athletics or Facebook.


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